History of Liqueurs

Liqueurs are essentially any spirit based drink flavoured by infusion and added sweetening. Some flavouring concentrates are distilled while others are merely soaked and macerated in an alcohol base to extract the flavours.

Liqueurs today enjoy a special fascination to the consumer through a wide range of demanding taste and sensorial experiences. In simple terms these are…

  • Eye appeal – must be appealing and tempting visually.
  • Aroma – interesting pleasing and stimulating to the nose.
  • Flavour – taste satisfaction in depth and provoking contemplation.
  • Spirit Warmth – stimulating but mellow glow on the palate.
  • Palate Texture – a perfect balance with a pleasant “ mouth feel”.
  • Overall – a lingering, thought provoking, deep sensation of mystery

The Liqueurist’s art is a labour of love! Great attention is paid to detail to achieve a balance between colour, bouquet, palate and harmony and a finish so soft on the palate.

Liqueurs’ emerged from the ‘apothecaries’ of the Middle Ages in the quest for medicinal drinks.

Religious orders all over Europe did much of the early development into the botanicals used at the time.

Benedictine is documented as far back as 1510 when Dom Bernado Vincelli devoted his life in the search for the elixir of life and came up with a liqueur used for its restorative powers and so Benedictine was born …DOM ( Deo Optimo Maximo) To God, Most Good, Most Great.

Chartreuse from the abbey near Fecamp in northern France was created long before it was sold to the outside world in 1848.

Baerami Liqueurs are handmade with a great love for detail and recognised by their harmonious taste & high quality.
Like all alcoholic beverages…they are to be enjoyed in moderation by persons of responsible age ie 18 years and above.

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