The Baerami Olives Story

‘Baerami Olives’ is a family owned and run small rural business. Born in drought in the 1990’s out of a need to find an agricultural crop that would suite our land area and soil types, low rainfall, that could survive climate change, was ecologically sustainable and at the same time provide a product that would be of universal benefit to all mankind…namely olive oils and olive products.

The journey has not been an easy one! We planted 10,000 various olive trees varieties from 1993 to 1998 and in the first few years a series of events tested our endurance to the limit. The first hurdle was a period of devastating frosts soon after planting and staking which froze the young trees, split the woody trunks and killed 1500 trees in 1997. Next was a bush fire that also killed 1000 trees and then the final straw was a sustained attack from feral deer decimating the trees (1500) in Jack’s paddock!

So with fewer trees we continued our journey into olive culture undaunted, battle scarred, very much poorer but still optimistic and with faith and confidence in the future of the Australian Olive Industry; confident in our abilities to produce great olive oils and table olives in a boutique on farm enterprise.
We are still learning of course and offer you to come along with us for the adventure life has given at us, together we can all benefit with an olive odyssey that is eternal.

We look forward to sharing and talking with you.
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